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Clinical™ Bubble Cleaning Essence

Clinical™ Bubble Cleaning Essence

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The Clinical™ Bubble Cleaning Essence provides deep cleansing and pore care to remove impurities, keeping breakouts and congestion at bay.


User’s Review -


"I have an oily, blemish-prone complexion, and I could not believe the Clinical™ Bubble Cleaning Essence works better than a salicylic cleanser, at least for me. If your skin can’t tolerate salicylic, this one is an especially good option since it really helps keep pores clear of clogging oil. I noticed that, after a week of use, my skin looks less oily but never dehydrated. It’s been clearing up my skin too."

- Grace Johnston, USA


"I love that the Clinical™ Bubble Cleaning Essence gives a deep, thorough clean without ever veering into stripping territory. I used to steer clear of foaming washes because they tend to overdry, but this is an exception. I have dry skin that is prone to fungal acne and congestion, and this stuff got rid of the bumps on my forehead! Love that it is also fragrance-free!"

- Charlotte Griffiths, AU


"I’ve had cystic acne and blackheads, and the Clinical™ Bubble Cleaning Essence is a live-saver! It really helps reduce pore-clogging sebum. Love seeing it bubble up. It rinses well without greasy residue and tight feeling. I’ve been using it for weeks, and I noticed that my pores appear smaller and no new pimples are popping up. This got rid of some of my blackheads too. Love it!"

- Matilda Evans, UK

Sometimes a regular face cleanser is not enough to get rid of deep-seated dirt and oils that are blocking your pores and causing you to break out. The Clinical™ Bubble Cleaning Essence comes in a delicate, gel-like texture and fragrance-free formula that goes deep into your pores and takes your cleansing routine to the next level.

The Clinical™ Bubble Cleaning Essence creates tiny, dense bubbles that penetrate the pores and help remove oil and debris. As the formula foams up, it cleanses the grease on the surface of the skin and enters the pores to dislodge and dissolve dirt, leaving your skin fresh, smooth, and soft.

Unlike other foaming cleansers, the Clinical™ Bubble Cleaning Essence lathers up without stripping your skin and compromising your moisture barrier. It deeply cleanses pores while replenishing the moisture into the skin, maintaining its water and oil balance and keeping your skin calm and protected.

The idea behind the BFS hydration technique is to apply products in a specific order to promote optimal absorption and hydration of the skin. However, Clinical™ Bubble Cleaning Essence contain ingredients that serve multiple purposes, providing hydration and balancing the skin's pH level.

For those looking to achieve a clear and blemish-free complexion, the Clinical™ Bubble Cleaning Essence is an effective solution that works to refine pores, eliminate impurities, and combat skin concerns like acne, whiteheads, and blackheads over time.


Product Features: 

  • Features BFS hydration "Beauty, Fit, and Skin” that deeply cleanses skin while locking in moisture and nourishment
  • Creates luscious foam that penetrates the pores and removes deep-seated dirt and oils
  • Targets acne, blackheads, and congested pores, improving skin quality with regular use
  • Smooths skin texture and reduces the appearance of large pores
  • Fragrance-free

I'm so excited to share my thoughts on the Clinical™ Bubble Cleaning Essence! It's seriously so much fun to use and it leaves my skin feeling amazing. The rich and creamy foam it creates is just next-level, and it feels so luxurious on my skin. Plus, it rinses off super easily and doesn't leave any residue behind. And let me tell you, my skin has never felt softer or more supple! It's seriously a game-changer for my skincare routine. I highly recommend giving it a try! ” - Maisy Rose, Instagram influencer


Anna Harvey shares her experience after using the Clinical™ Bubble Cleaning Essence for three weeks. 

"I have acne-prone, sensitive skin, so it’s really tricky to find a gentle cleanser that is mild on my easily inflamed skin but tough on breakouts. Foaming cleansers typically over-dry my skin and leave it red and itchy, but the Clinical™ Bubble Cleaning Essence is an exception."


Week 1: 

"After using it for a week, I noticed that my skin felt smooth, calm, and hydrated without being oily."

Week 2:

"Two weeks in and I noticed that my pimples were drying up faster than usual. It was amazing how this bubble cleanser deeply cleaned while keeping new breakouts from popping up as well!"

Week 3:

"Call me a bubble cleansing essence convert. The Clinical™ Bubble Cleaning Essence is godsent to my acne-prone, extremely sensitive complexion! It really reduces the redness and swelling of my huge pimples and prevents new ones from forming, all while keeping my skin hydrated. I love everything about it!"

Product Specifications:

  • Net weight: 1.5mlx10 sticks (g/ml)
  • Shelf life: 3 years
  • Storage method: Store in a cool, dry place.


Package includes:

  • 1 x 10pcs. Clinical™ Bubble Cleaning Essence
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