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FineLIne™ Wrinkle Care Pad

FineLIne™ Wrinkle Care Pad

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The FineLIne™ Wrinkle Care Pad offers the best non-invasive method to fade fine lines and wrinkles and delay signs of aging.

Major Features:

  • Skin-friendly, comfortable design adheres to the skin firmly without irritating it
  • Instantly blurs fine lines and wrinkles 
  • Long-term usage prevents/removes deep lines, wrinkles, crow’s feet, furrow lines, and smile lines
  • Boosts blood circulation and collagen production, firming and smoothing out the skin’s surface
  • Increases skin elasticity and moisture retention
  • Made of 100% medical grade silicone that is non-irritating and breathable
  • Comfortable to wear and doesn’t interfere with your sleep or activities
  • Highly adhesive but doesn’t pull on your skin
  • Reusable and washable
  • Suitable for all skin types

Eloise Barker, New Jersey, USA

The discoloration and lines on my neck and décolletage have been really bothering me. I've tried many anti-aging serums but to no effect. I decided to try the FineLIne™ Wrinkle Care Pad, and it's the best decision I've made recently. After only two weeks, the tone and texture of my neck and décolletage areas have significantly improved. I love it!

Amber Sari, New York, USA

The FineLIne™ Wrinkle Care Pad is an excellent product for preventing and correcting chest wrinkles. It's self-adhesive and reusable, which is very convenient for me. I love this! I'll definitely purchase this product again.

Lacey Hudson, London, England

I'm a side sleeper. Believe me, I tried to change my sleeping position but really couldn't do anything about it. I'm 40 and I always wake up with deeper lines and crevices on my face because of my sleep position. I tried to wear this pad one night, and it really blurs the wrinkles and fine lines caused by sleeping on the side. Amazing! I'll always keep a batch of these in my drawer.

The FineLIne™ Wrinkle Care Pad provides both instant and long-term wrinkle-fighting benefits. Applying and leaving it on overnight blurs creases and deep lines. Long-term usage, on the other hand, helps boost collagen production and skin hydration, completely fading lines and wrinkles over time.

How does the FineLIne™ Wrinkle Care Pad work?

This anti-wrinkle pad works by moisturizing and improving the elasticity of your skin, smoothing and firming it in a non-irritating, non-invasive way. As the silicone patch sits on top of your skin and delivers a gentle compression, it draws water from the deeper levels to the top layer, filling lines and creases with hydration and plumpness.

Men and women with any skin type and concern can benefit from using the FineLIne™ Wrinkle Care Pad and its moisture retention ability. It is comfortable to touch and wear but rigid enough to address signs of aging such as forehead and furrow lines, eye wrinkles, expression lines, nasolabial folds, crepey neck, and chest patterns. Wearing the pads for long hours will also prevent repeated facial movements and expressions like squinting and frowning, which lead to lines and wrinkles in the long run.

Amazingly, the FineLIne™ Wrinkle Care Pad can also be used multiple times without affecting the quality of the adhesion. Simply wash the pads with running water or mild soap after each use and let them air dry. 

The FineLIne™ Wrinkle Care Pad is designed to be worn overnight to keep your muscles in place, with the aim of lessening or preventing wrinkles. You can apply these wrinkle patches to various parts of the upper body, including around the eyes, forehead, mouth, neck, and chest. The amazing formulation of this product has a silicone base that confers an instant wrinkle-smoothing property. I highly recommend it!” - Kathleen Fowler, MD, a Portland, Oregon-based dermatologic surgeon

How to use:

  • Use the FineLIne™ Wrinkle Care Pad everyday to smooth wrinkles on a completely clean face for at least 1 hour.
  • For best results, it is recommended to use them while sleeping.
  • After use, wash the wrinkle patches with mild soap or running water (do not use moisturizing oil or detergent), let them air dry and keep the sticky side up (do not use towels for cleaning).

Liza Moreno shares her 5-day experience using the FineLIne™ Wrinkle Care Pad.

I've seen a TikTok user wear one of these wrinkle patches, and I got curious. So I bought the FineLIne™ Wrinkle Care Pad to see if it would actually work on my under eye and forehead lines.

Day 1:

The first time I used the wrinkle care pad, I was pleasantly surprised at how easy it was to use! The silicone material clung to my skin without the "pulling" feeling. I loved that they come in a transparent design as it made it easy to apply. After I removed it, I literally saw that some of my lines were smoothed out.

Day 3:

I’ve been using these patches every day for two weeks, and the improvement on my eye and forehead lines were amazing! This product didn’t irritate my skin in any way. Been using the same patches for days and the adhesion was still strong!

Day 5:

A repurchase is already on the way. The FineLIne™ Wrinkle Care Pad is a total game changer. And the best part is I don’t have to change anything in my skincare regimen. This is the only addition that actually diminished my forehead and eye wrinkles. I even saw that it brightened the dark under eye area too. Amazing!

Product Specifications:

  • Material: Silicone
  • Ingredients: 100% pure medical grade collagen fibre, Myoxinol® (hibiscus flower extract).
  • Packing size: 210 x 160 x 5mm

Package Includes:

1 set x 5 pcs. FineLIne™ Wrinkle Care Pads

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